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Our Story & Mission

Avoid making costly mistakes by picking the right manufacturer from the beginning.

Our story started in 2002. It has been a bumpy road, to be where we stand today. So if you are not satisfied with your current manufacturing partner or just starting up, just read the piece below.

Sportswear of Tomorrow is a manufacturer of sublimated sportswear. We are the 1st and largest Print on Demand manufacturer in Europe for the cycling and triathlon industry. We export globally. All garments are made by our team of very experienced staff in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

How it all started, back in 2002.

The founder, Kevin Van Lancker praticed inline speed skating. At the age of 16, he made it to the Belgian national team and attended European and World Championships. After seeing the hassle that clubs and federations experienced getting apparel from the mainstream suppliers, Kevin decided to start a clothing brand and source apparel from factories directly. He just turned 22 and ran the business from his bedroom. Shortly after, all European skating clubs and national teams were relying on their supply of apparel via Kevin.

Kevin started sourcing apparel from Colombia which did not work. Shipment delays and errors in manufacturing led to unhappy customers. In an attempt to overcome this problem, we sourced apparel from a Belgian company. The factory gave a good impression at first, but later on, the problems they had in order fulfillment became our problem. Basically, none of the options out there lived up to the quality and speed that Kevin had in mind for this business.

The manufacturer behind you pick, can make or break your brand.

Unfortunately, we experienced first hand that if you pick the wrong supplier, you may be having the best network of potential customers, the best marketing strategy but if you have no control over your supply chain, your brand is at risk. You need to partner with a factory that understands your needs and works with you closely, rather than having a classic supplier/customer relationship. We had build a fabulous brand, supplied most of the national skating teams in Europe, worked with stores that sold our brand, but unfortunately we had to close it down in 2009 because we did not have the right manufacturing partner.

A new start in October 2010.

Kevin sourced help from his best friend Jonathan who has a proven track record in building online businesses.

We saw the need to start our own plant, to be able to guarantee quality and delivery to our customers. And the only way to do so, was to take full control. As starting a textile company in Belgium was not an option, Kevin moved from Belgium to Latvia where he started SPORTSWEAR OF TOMORROW.

We started off being a traditional manufacturer of sports garments to brands but slowly turned the company into a technology company over a textile manufacturing company. We’ve built incredible teams that works across 3 different countries (Latvia, Romania and Belarus) and today our company is recognized as one of the best sportswear on demand manufacturing plants in Europe to brands worldwide.

We have developed over 200 products, ready for customisation, but we can also work with your own patterns. As such, you can take care of the fun part, which is promoting your business.

Adding Print on Demand to our offerings.

It was 2016, when we saw a growing demand for small volume orders with a production leadtime of less than 3 weeks initially. But from this, we continued to look how we can offer Print on Demand Solutions for sportswear brands and online stores with fulfillment when orders came in. As such, the risk for the brands and stores was limited.

The key points on which we focus are:
- Allowing you to sell and dropship to your customer without inventory
- We fulfill your order as soon as you receive one
- No big upfront money needed from your end

Sportswear of Tomorrow from 2020 onwards.

The business name Sportswear of Tomorrow comes from the fact that we believe we are at the forefront of sports garment manufacturing. We continue to grow from a textile manufacturing company to a technology company. At this time, we cannot disclose too much information yet on what we are building, but it’s a real game changer for our industry.

As the name says, we believe we are producing the technology and structures to be able to produce the ‘sportswear of tomorrow’. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and will continue to keep building our tools over the next months to come.

We believe order fulfillment should go smooth and fast. We do not believe customers (sportswear brands with online stores) should keep lots of stock of product. As a leader in our industry, we offer quick order fulfillment.

Bulk -, teamwear and POD.

We are able to help your brand with Print on Demand solutions but also with bulk orders as well as teamwear orders with an MOQ as low as 1 single piece. The best way to find out if we can be the right partner for your brand, is to get in touch to discuss your needs. We would be glad to share our know-how with you.

We look forward to work together with you!

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