Sportswear of Tomorrow

Sportswear Producer in Europe to brands.

Product development

When working with Sportswear of Tomorrow, you have the option to create your own products based on a techpack you provide.

If you are familiar with designing techpacks that contain all information with regards to the development of the product such as the fabrics (eventually with nominated supplier), seams and seam allowances, measurement chart etc, we can create your product based on that. We are committed to help you to get started with us as easy as possible. The real development cost is just 125 EUR ex VAT! Read this page to understand how it works.

How it works

There is a fixed development cost which is as low as 250 EUR ex VAT per product.

Here is a breakdown of what's included in that price:
- Base Pattern Development
- a 1st sample
- free shipping of the sample to you (in EU), outside EU is paid
- small changes after first fitting
- grading the pattern to 7 sizes in same category (Categories: Youth or Adult)

Additional Samples or Salesman Samples (SMS)

Should you wish an additional sample, the cost is 3x the production unit price + shipping cost.

How long does it take?

Our Production and R&D department are usually booked for months ahead. Best is to get in touch to see when we could plan the start of your project. We will then send you the proforma invoice which you should pay ahead, before we book your project.

Other options

There is no need to start based off a techpack. The other option is to provide samples which you have. Best is to send 2-3 pieces of the same style but in sizes that follow each other such as Small, Medium and Large. If you want to make any changes to the garments, it's important to inform us ahead.


Sportswear of Tomorrow offers pattern and produduct development for our customers. This means, you will not receive the patterns or other information with regards to the manufacturing of the product. We develop products for manufacturing with us only. As a customer, you will receive a one-off credit of 125 EUR towards future orders, once you place orders of minimum 1000 EUR ex VAT with us.


We developed your brand's specific legging. You have paid 250 EUR Ex VAT for development. Once you are happy with the fit, fabric, finish etc, you order 40 leggings at 25 EUR ex VAT per legging. The invoice total will be 40 x 25 EUR = 1000 EUR + VAT (if applicable) + shipping. You will receive a discount of 125 EUR on the next order you place with us, applied on your invoice.

Note: this is not applicable if you decide to order products we offer for customisation, such as another print on an existing product from our product section.