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Road Cycling Apparel

Update 2023


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Our OEM collection.

We have spent years to develop the products in our range. We finetuned the fit, the trims and fabrics. We guarantee a perfect product that can be customized with your private label. Choose a product from the menu to get the full details on every garment. If you need additional information on a product that you cannot find here, please, get in touch.
Choose a product on the left menu to learn more about our standard collection, available for OEM.

Private label cycling apparel

All cycling apparel can be fully customised with your sublimation print. We also offer cycling apparel made of MERINO WOOL or made of predyed fabrics. The best way to figure out whether we are a suitable partner or not, is to get in touch via our CONTACT page. We will discuss your needs and make an adequate proposition.

TSF-114 Cycling Jersey Luxury by HALE