Sportswear of Tomorrow

Sportswear Producer in Europe to brands.

Print-/ Produce-on-Demand solution for Sportswear.

Allowing for an order to ship in just 3 working days!


  • Fully Automated Order Placement
    Our plant receives the order as it is placed.

  • Online ordering system
    Your customer just sees your website. There is no other visible link to us.
  • Integrated with our production lines
    From the printing staff to the seamstresses, everyone gets the documentation so no error can be made along the way.
  • Order Tracking Ability Integrated
    We believe you have enough of customers asking you for status updates? Give them the ability to track the production status without taking them away from your website.
  • Warehousing & Shipping integration We offer businesses to work with no or limited stock. If you have regular orders, you should get in touch to discuss the different possibilities on how our advanced system can save you time and money.

Industry Game Changer

We have been working hard the last 5 years, to bring you this game changing platform. Teamwear as well as collection manufacturing becomes a piece of cake. Stop purchasing large amount of stock upfront. Refill fast-selling products quickly. Test new designs in the market, before deciding on buying large inventory. The list of benefits is endless.

We revolutionize the sports apparel industry.

Print-on-Demand order fulfillment.
From Design to Order Processing, Fulfillment and Dropshipping.

The 100% solution for customised sportswear - with single piece production.

Manage the complete supply chain of individualised merchandise from custom design and sales, all the way to manufacturing and logistics. Not limited to any sport.

This GAME-CHANGER for the Sportswear Industry is available to selected brands only. Get in touch to discuss a possible collaboration.

Example Front-End:

The automated system converts the design to ready to print patterns.