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Print Development

Print file preparation for sublimation printing involves creating an image or design that will be printed onto a special type of paper, called sublimation paper. The image is then transferred to polyester fabric using a heat press. For more information on Sublimation Technology, click here.

You can download our design templates from our website (on each productpage, you will find the respective template). Next, you'll need to use design software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW to create the image, and then save it to PDF. Our designers will convert the vector images to printfiles. The printfiles will be sent to the printers via a RIP software.

Additionally, make sure to use CMYK color mode and to adjust the resolution of your image to at least 300 dpi.

We can assist you with this work, if you do not feel comfortable. The best way would be to reach out via our Contact Page, so we can set up an online meeting with our graphic designers.

We do not demand for you to supply a ready-to-print file. It will be sufficient if you send us a 2D template with vector artwork.

Color codes.

As for the colors, you cannot use PMS or RGB colors. We could send you a colorbook printed on 100% polyester fabric. The best way is to find the right color on that palette and to use the matching CMYK code. Do not worry if the color on screen looks different from the one on the colorbook. This is exactly why you should use the CMYK colors from our colorbook.
If you plan to use various fabrics, best would be to request a colorbook that was printed on the fabrics you plan to use the most.

CMYK colors on polyeste fabric with sublimationprint